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A Family of Businesses offering a full set of solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Business Opportunities

A Family of Businesses

Our BeginswithFamily Network brings business owners together to create mutually beneficial opportunities such as business referrals, sales and marketing solutions, event planning, business planning and consultation various employee benefits and more.

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Employee Benefits are Company Benefits

Employee benefits can help make employees more loyal, productive and happier. The key is to offer the right benefits. As an independent agent for LegalShield, we can help you get the right benefits for your business. See our 2019 study of employee benefits here:


Employees say identity security and legal services would improve their financial wellbeing.


Employees say identity protection services provide peace of mind.

Provide Benefits

You can provide your employees with Legal and Identity Protection coverage at no cost to you!

Marketing Services

Marketing and lead generation are critical to any business. We can help build your business while maintaining a budget through a variety of services from LinkedIn Marketing to full Marketing strategies.

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